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Selected Aspirants List

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: List of Selected aspirants who have applied till 25.03.2023.

List of Selected aspirants who have applied till 25.03.2023

Selected Aspirants will be contacted through email by the Uttama Prajaakeeya Party Office. The Selected Aspirants are advised to check their Email regularly.

Note: The applications received after 25th March 2023 have not been considered.

Dear Voters, You can also verify the selection of candidate of your constituency... This is all you need to do….

1. Login to the official website www.prajaakeeya.org

2. Whether the selected aspirant has obtained (at least 50) signatures from the voters of her/his constituency in the voter’s recommendation letter?

3. Corresponding photos and videos are available?

4. Check Whether Facebook link is in open status? And their involvement in Prajaakeeya ideologies are reflecting in it?

Voting option will appear only after clicking and verifying all the above information. You can vote directly. In case of any other feedback about aspirants, email us directly.


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